Integration Scenarios

Our partners continually demonstrate their creativity and innovative thinking by building application integrations using the Certisign Portal APIs in new and creative ways.

We identified some of these scenarios in order to suggest to our aspiring partners and developers some insights regarding creating integrations with our APIs.

  • All signers are integrated system's users

    Integration which all signers are also users with Log In in the integrated system.
    In this scenario you should embed our JavaScript API which will provide the best signing experience, since it does not need to access any external application. And also, it will anable you getting the signature status directly from that, what do not exclude the option to use it along with our Callback Service.

  • There are signers out of the integrated system

    Integration which there are signers out of the integrated system.
    In this scenario the signers will be request to signing by e-mail, so you will need to use our Callback Service in order to know the signatures status.

  • Integration with an existing account in the Certisign Portal

    In this integration, an existing account will be integrated with a legacy application.
    Normally, this scenario is applied for clients who are already have been using our platform and want to take advantage of that for its legacy.

    • Standard Account

      The account that does not have departments or sections for segregation.

    • Context Account

      The account that may have departments or sections for segregation.

  • Integration to performe Batch Server Signatures

    In order to perform lots of digital signatures automatically by a certificate hosted in our HSM Server.